Namer Community

Namer Community

Our Namer Community's mission is to help Handshake names reach their fullest potential.

Our community

Our community members typically come from these backgrounds, do any resonate with you?

Coin HODLers

Handshake coins of winning bids are burned, which creates deflationary effects on the price of HNS.

Web developers

Handshake names enable dotless domains (http://nb/) and unlimited free subdomains (http://welcome.nb/) for all of your projects.

Domainers and NFT supporters

Handshake names are top-level domains that you can flip or sell subdomains off of — on average, names resale at 10x.

Open source developers

Handshake is open source, donated $10.2M to the FOSS community, and has airdrops for ~200k individual open source contributors.

Web 3.0 and dWeb supporters

Handshake is its own decentralized blockchain, making the names uncensorable, private, and truly owned by the individual.

DNS developers

Handshake elegantly replaces Certificate Authorities by pinning TLS keys to its names, shifting the root of trust to its blockchain.

Gain a deeper sense of who we are through the Namer Stories podcast, where Namer graham/ interviews individuals from the Namer Community about their enthusiasm for Handshake.

Getting started on Handshake

1. Get a Handshake name

You can get a Handshake name by buying one from the Namebase Marketplace, bidding on one, or getting a (random) free one from a Namer.

2. Explore Handshake creations

Visit the Namer News Showcase to get inspired by what other Namers are creating with their Handshake names.


3. Use your Handshake name

Here are some ways you can use your Handshake name. We recommend to try setting up your dLink first (visit ours at nb/)!

Community resources

Join the Namer Community on Discord to meet others also excited about Handshake!

Namer News

Log in with your Handshake name on Namer News to keep up with HNS and dWeb news.

Want to help grow Handshake and become a Director of Handshake? Join the effort!

See which Namers are already helping grow Handshake.

Here are some ways you can use your Handshake name.


Namer News showcase

Explore what other Namers are creating on their Handshake names.



Visit our Stats page for quick stats on auction, marketplace, and usage activities.



Check out instances where Namebase or Handshake was mentioned in the media.

Self-learners can visit the Learning Center to read up on Handshake and Namebase.

We have docs for developers who want to develop on or contribute to Handshake.

Have feedback to share with Namebase? Post it in — we review them every other Wednesday.

Did you know we have Handshake merch? All merch is priced at near-zero profit!

Have Handshake applications or outreach targets to share with Directors and Creators? Post them in

Find Handshake and Namebase logos and backgrounds here.

1-on-1 chat

Do you want to help grow Handshake but you're not sure how to start? Or maybe you just want to speak 1-on-1 with someone from Namebase? Pick any time that works best for you to chat with our community manager at calendar.johnnywu/.

Fun fact: "calendar.johnnywu/" is a Handshake domain so if you aren't yet resolving Handshake names, you'll want to use the gateway to access it.


Namer norms

  1. Namers are Directors of HandshakeHandshake is controlled by no one and can be enhanced by anyone.
  2. Namers believe in freedom, transparency, security, and equitable ownership of the internet. Handshake domains can be practically anything, are won through open auctions, are censorship-resistant and private, and can be truly owned by anyone.