Become a Director and help grow Handshake by creating content for Handshake! If you have ideas you'd like list, want to work on any of these efforts, or are already working on them, please share in the Namer Community Discord's #general channel. If you see a Director listed on an effort you're interested in, reach out to them to see how you can collaborate! Note: Click an effort's title to expand its description.
EffortDescriptionDirector(s)Notes from Director(s)
Collect all articles on Handshake
Curate and collect all quality articles about Handshake
Collect and share Handshake news
Curating and publishing news from the Handshake community
theshake/ & writtenby.mandelliant/: https://theshake.substack.com/ jpayne/: http://bot.js/
Collect and share relevant non-HNS news
Share news on decentralization, censorship, etc. (see Outreach for list of relevant communities)
Collect Handshake creations
Collecting and curating cool creations on Handshake
Cross-post Handshake news
Handshake could have a stronger presence on Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.
Dank Handshake memes
(Not a Director role) Tweet your memes out and tag @NamebaseHQ so we can RT
Design Handshake merch
Create, design, and sell Handshake merch
Developer tutorials
Creating tutorials for developers to build and deploy on Handshake
Fact sheet
This but for Handshake.
Graphic map of ecosystem
Create a graphic map of the entire Handshake ecosystem
falturm/: http://allhns/
HNS fund
Found and manage a fund for Handshake
Hosting Clubhouse calls
Hosting calls on Handshake to talk about Handshake. Could be anything from 1-on-1 interviews to open Q&As.
A pictures is worth 1000 words. We need more graphic explanations for Handshake
darren/: https://learnhns.com/ "Still needed: How Handshake replaces CAs" - johnnywu/
International Handshake communities
Namebase's Discord is insufficient for non English-speaking community members. Create Handshake communities dedicated to those members!
Namebase Learning Center
The Learning Center needs to be actively maintained and updated with information
Organize Handshake events
This could be Handshake conferences, Handshake competitions, hackathons
SkyInclude/ & jehan/: http://handycon.promote/
Permanent mirrors
Help platforms with domains seized (or at risk of domain seizure) set up on Handshake. Can introduce Handshake as a backup mirror
Example: https://librarygenesis/ "There's a constant game of whack-a-mole with the mirrors for popular sites like SciHub and Piratebay. Handshake is the perfect solution for a permanent mirror." - tieshun/ "This may be appropriate for scanlation (manga) and streaming websites. Torr too"
Create and host a podcast for the Handshake community
Port traditional websites
Porting websites living on traditional websites onto Handshake domains
Translate Handshake articles
Translate existing articles about Handshake to other languages
Translate Learning Center content
Translate content in the Learning Center into other languages. Ping johnnywu/ in the Namer Community Discord to get set up
Translate videos on Handshake
Translate existing videos created about Handshake to other languages.
Tutorial videos
Create tutorials on Handshake, from 0-knowledge tutorials to "how to" videos
skyinclude/: http://skyinclude/ marksmith/: https://www.namesake.domains/ "Still needed: How Handshake replaces CAs, Handshake whitepaper in a nut shell" - johnnywu/
Update handy.wiki
Help update and populate handy.wiki, Handshake's wiki page
Wikipedia page
Handshake already has a section on the Alternative DNS root Wikipedia page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_DNS_root), now it needs a dedicated page
Write blog posts addressing FAQs
Many answers for FAQs could be expanded upon and have their own dedicated blog posts.
"Still needed: Guide on key differences between HNS, ENS, UD, Namecoin, ICANN" - johnnywu/