Become a Creator by building on Handshake! We have developer docs, you should submit your creations to https://namebase.io/use-cases, and can get funded through https://www.decentralizedinter.net/. If you have ideas you'd like list, want to work on any of these efforts, or are already working on them, please share in the Namer Community Discord's #using-handshake channel. https://github.com/handshake-org/HIPs is great too! If you see a Director listed on an effort you're interested in, reach out to them to see how you can collaborate! Note: Click an effort's title to expand its description.
EffortDescriptionDirector(s)Notes from Director(s)
The airdrop claim process is very buggy and could use an easier way to check for eligibility. https://github.com/handshake-org/hs-airdrop/
"There are some bugs with the Handshake airdrop claim tool, see issues on Github" - johnnywu/
Automatic DNSECC
Make setting up DNSECC easy and automatic
Create a browser that supports Handshake
Browser resolver plugin
Create browser plugins for Handshake resolution. Should use https://github.com/handshake-org/hdns to be fully decentralized instead of relying on third party resolvers
Card game
A card game using Handshake names where each name's stats are based on how much the Name was sold for or its niami/ rankings. There can then be a name ranking system to see which names are the "strongest"
Decentralized app store
A decentralized app store
redsolver/: http://skydroid/
Decentralized Reddit
A decentralized version of Reddit
"Using Handshake, it's possible to build a decentralized reddit where each subreddit would control its own community through a separate server while sharing logins across subreddits. The subreddit namespace and user namespace would be determined by Handshake names (i.e. .r-namebase determines the namebase subreddit and .u-tieshun determines the tieshun username). This would avoid the need to centrally moderate the subreddits while maitaining the usability of reddit.com. Favorited subreddits can be stored in the extension itself, and a client-side app can construct a front page for the user based off those preferences." - tieshun/
Decentralized Twitter
A decentralized version of Twitter
DNS record browser
Easy GUI tool for looking up DNS settings of a Handshake TLD or lower level domain.
"i'm sure there are existing tools for this for regular dns but i don't know of them, and i suspect they might not be hns-aware/compatible. would be great to see something that can highlight invalid records and suggest fixes, assist with generating correct configurations to use, etc." - dees/
DNS resolver apps
An out-the-box Handshake DNS resolver app. NextDNS is nice but you have to jump through a lot of hoops to set it up
DNSSEC/DANE configuration validator
There are DNSSEC validation and monitoring tools, but we need Handshake-aware options
Enable sending and receiving emails from Handshake names
End-to-end encrypted messaging
Use your public key to encrypt a message to send
"Protocol for adding public keys to your tld for messaging with your username. Should be an sdk that allows any dapp with handshake login to also integrate messaging instantly" - kiba_gateaux/
Create firmware in Wi-Fi space that has function to resolve Handshake built in.
"Create a Handshake-enabled hardware and get it installed by giving out for free, pitched as an extra feature for access to the decentralized web. This helped Tik Tok blow up since it was pre-installed in phones. All credit to Nikhil for concept." - johnnywu/
Create a gateway so traditional web users can still access Handshake domains
nijynot/: http://hns.to/
Handshake API docs
Working on and closing issues on the Handshake API docs
Handshake Mastodon instance
Handshake on Ethereum
Wrap HNS on ETH. Enable decentralized subdomain sales, and enable selling Handshake names on OpenSea
Integrate with decentralized storage
Integrate Handshake with decentralized stroage solutions like Arweave and Filecoin (something similar to Fleek?)
Enable logging in with Handshake names
tieshun/: https://docs.namebase.io/handshake-login "You can implement decentralized logins using Handshake names. There are many potential implementations, but here's one: say I have tieshun/ on Handshake (I do). I can generate a pgp key and pin the fingerprint to tieshun/ on-chain as a TXT record while storing the private key in a chrome extension. When I visit a website the website can authenticate I am tieshun/ by asking the chrome extension to sign an arbitrary message, which the website can then trustlessly verify against the pinned key. There are a lot of amazing use-cases this tool can enable. Outside of sovereign identity, it would also enable shared login across decentralized applications, such as a decentralized Reddit where each subreddit is a separate server controlled by the subreddit's maintainers." - tieshun/
Marketplace for Handshake freelancers
A platform for developers and designers to exchange their services for HNS
Messaging platform
A platform where Namers can send messages to any Handshake name, and those messages would be waiting for the owner of that Handshake name when said owner registers/logs in.
Name valuation
Tool for evaluating the value of names
0xstefan/: http://niami/
NFC cards
NFC cards that point to your Handshake name, doubling as a business card
Parking page
Create an easy way to set up a parking page for Handshake names
Public DNS resolver
Create a public DNS resolver so anyone can resolve Handshake without signing up for an account
scott: (,
Realtime transaction data visualizer
Tool(s) to observe what's going into new blocks and what's in the mempool in realtime
"a flexible backend for exposing this data via e.g. websocket events would provide a foundation for a range of useful tools for bidding, watchlist management, portfolio planning, investor signals, etc. I think some of the existing indexers may provide part or most of the solution already, but i haven't seen examples of what i'm imagining in terms of seeing a live updating view of ongoing bidding activity for filtered names, or a stream of OPENs, or a live chart of bids in mempool by name, lockup amount, fee amount, age in mempool etc. etc." - dees/
Reserved name claim tool
Build a GUI for non-technical reserved name owners to easily claim their names.
Resolve crypto addresses
Enable receiving HNS on Handshake names
Search engine/crawler
Create a search engine for Handshake websites
andir/: http://hnssearch/ yhnsoo/: https://yhnsoo.com/ "Additional ideas: search a TLD and it returns a list of all the associated 2nd-level domains "Feeling lucky" search option that takes you to a random Handshake page List of all Handshake pages sorted by the ones with most views May make sense to have special UX for when Handshake pages are searched as opposed to ICANN ones (different color border that can be toggled on off?) For Handshake names not yet set up, redirect to the domain name on Namebase, which will be a parking page" - johnnywu/
Secure downloads
"The current standard for verifying downloads requires that users verify a developers GPG key, download GPG and SSH, and compute the MD5 hash of their download to make sure it isn't compromised through a MITM attack (I.e. Ubuntu, Tor, Tails). Tails even made a browser extension that has 80,000 users between Chrome and Firefox, and that's just for a single piece of software! This is a relatively niche use-case but could probably get 100k users relatively easily." - tieshun/
Stumbleupon for Handshake
App/site that brings you to a random resolvable Handshake website
Subdomain community
Creating a community on your TLD where every community member automatically gets a subdomain upon registration.
Tie names to NFTs
Tying Handshake names to NFTs
Example: 🌈🐈/ linking to Nyan Cat NFT
Turn name into command line
Turning a Handshake TLD into a command line.
Example: http://whats.new/ (ICANN)
Web hosting service
Create a web hosting service for Handshake names
Website builder
Create an easy no-code way to deploy websites on Handshake names
Wordpress plugin
Create a Wordpress plugin that makes it easy to point your Handshake names to your Wordpress site