Handshake is an entirely community-run effort where anyone can call themselves a "Director of Handshake". Every Director here wants to see Handshake succeed and is engaged in making that happen. If you're actively helping grow Handshake, please take 5 minutes to fill out this form so your efforts can be recognized! If you'd like to help grow Handshake but aren't sure how to get started, reach out in the Namer Community Discord's #general channel. Creators are Directors who've built something that Namers can use their Handshake names with. Note: Click a Director's name to expand their bio.
NameRoleCity, countryHow are you directing?Link to effortsBackground/bioHow did you discover Handshake?Interests & hobbies
I created niami/ to help discover names
Web Explorer
A friend told me about it
I love to create things, learn new skills and be creative. If all three come together I forget time.
Nashville, TN
buying into the token regularly, buying names for use, for gifting, and for speculative trading, educating community members about the technology, participating in community discussions, moderating chat channels to help them stay productive, spreading ideas about the future possibilities for this tech as well as issues that still need solutions, investigating and troubleshooting software configurations, making lowersballs offers on names, collecting kiba card battle TLDs, selling hodkiewiczkeelingandfeeney TLDs for 1hns more than I bought them, and occasionally hacking on code
Senior Software Engineer at a medtech startup.
hacker news posts most likely
video games, drawing, tinkering with electronics, reading across a lot of subjects, particularly science and technology
L'H, Spain
I'm gifting names to friends and influencers. Creating Webs in Handshake domains. Twitch Tv Channel, talking about HAndshake and how it works. Translating to my native language the Learning Center. Contacting with Crypto communities and talk about Handshake.
I'm physical Therapist and Osteopath. I have been Faculty teacher and Postgraduate Director. Actually I'm freelance, father and I like technology, gaming and Handshake project
A friend talk wit me about Bitcoin and I begin trading, but in a specific moment I decide to be envolved in a specific project, I choose one and Handshake was perfect: experimental, in the beginning, a growing up community...
Reading, gaming, running, naming, playing with my son and my daughter, learning news skills, face news challenges.
Campbell River, Canada
As I was early to the building of Namebase I was able in a simple way to assist with testing and advice for a number of the features that have been introduced. I now produce a podcast that interviews the community members that are building the future of Handshake.
I have been self employed most of my life except for a short 7 years when I took on a great corporate job in the airline industry. Even though I am of retirement age I have little interest in behaving like I should slow down as I'm still involved in building a business and contributing any way I can to my community. Fun fact; even though I am not a pilot when I worked in the airline business I was able to fly in the front seats of many aircraft either behind or next to the pilots, that was not even on my bucket list, life enjoys throwing surprises.
I came to Handshake through a podcast of an interview of Tieshun Roquerre. I cannot remember who it was that interviewed him but there was an offer to submit my email to receive updates about Handshake and Namebase, and so I emailed Tieshun. That was late 2018. I was so impressed with the goals and structure of the company that he and his partners were building on top of Handshake that I flew done to SF to meet with him and see who I was getting involved with and contributing my time to. It has been an amazing two years as Namebase was being developed. It is such a privilege to be connected with all of the people that are involved with Namebase and Handshake.
My wife and I travel a lot and are passionate about cycling and boating where ever we go.
I help with the growth and awareness of the handshake project, mainly through social media and the gift of domains to celebs.
Web/business consultant. Buying and Selling HNS domains since 2020
From a Tweet. i'm looking for this one :-) if i ever find it, i'll share it.
Making money - dWeb - Crypto - Bball/Tennis/Wellness - Cooking for fam/friends
Barna, Spain
Creating stuff
Javascript Developer; Youtuber (viewer); PS4 Player
Mail list: BrazilJS. I was eligible for the claim, which kept me bidding and thinking on creative ideas/products for Handshake
What you mean for fun? All I do is for fun! Isn't that the way?
NB Staff
San Francisco, USA
I currently head up marketing at Namebase! Most recently, that's meant building out systems to ensure that the second someone discovers Handshake, they're motivated to dive deeper. This has included everything from writing our developer documentation, to coordinating launches for dLinks, and Namer News, to manually recruiting people one-by-one to the Handshake ecosystem. With time, I'll begin shifting my focus to growing the number of people discovering Handshake in the first place. I can't wait for that time, as it will involve the entire community coming together to educate the new influx of Namers. I'm looking forward to growing Handshake with all of you!
Hello! I'm Jake, and I currently work at Namebase. I'm enthralled by the crypto space, was working an internship in Korea in 2017 through the ICO boom/bust, and have been following ever since. Before that, I worked at a film music studio, and spent my college years traveling as a part of the first class at Minerva Schools. Through Covid, I've learned to embrace my curly hair, actually start using conditioner, and have begun to value co-living a bit more.
I'd been looking for projects to contribute to in the crypto space, and DeFi just didn't seem it. I wanted to work on something in crypto, which I knew was a potentially world altering field, that wasn't solely dependent on people throwing lots of capital at a coin. When I came across Handshake, it was evident that this project had the strongest application of blockchain technology I've come across yet, and I knew it was where I wanted to spend my time.
I recently got back into videography. I made a few small docu-series when I was traveling pre-Covid, and just snagged a mirrorless Sony (looking for lens recommendations). Excited to get back behind a camera, will most likely start by helping a friend film some cooking content. Outside of that, I'm probably organizing a Spotify playlist, or out enjoying a meal and a bike ride in SF.
Hong Kong
In addition to being an active domain buyer and seed investing in both Handshake and Namebase, I have been at the forefront of pushing integrations with multiple browsers alongside other members of the community. I have also been a part of the team supporting long-term development of the protocol through a funding structure as well as finding ways to give a 'front door' to Handshake as a project.
Founder of Kenetic, blockchain/crypto investor, former art dealer
We invested in the seed round!
buy domains :-)
NB Staff
San Francisco, USA
I'm helping direct Handshake by encouraging newcomers to become Namers, and helping Namers become Directors. I'm doing the former by creating knowledge resources (e.g. the Learning Center) that make it easy to understand and get started with using Handshake names, and the latter by showcasing our existing Directors' efforts and by sharing more concrete ways Namers can contribute. On the side I help bid on names for friends and influencers to gift to them.
I was born and raised in Berkeley, California, and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2018 as an Energy Engineer. I had the chance to take a year to backpack around Asia, after which I began working at Namebase! Fun facts: I speak Mandarin, I'm an Eagle scout, and am scuba certified!
I was giving a ride home to friend of a friend who I had just met (Andy) and shared that I was looking for a role that involved "talking a lot with people". He subsequently introduced me to Tieshun who at the time was hiring for a community manager, and the rest is history. Prior to this, I had absolutely zero interest in the blockchain space and even less in DNS but after realizing Handshake made it possible for me to own the entire URL instead of just a subdomain, I sold all of my Tesla and Nio stock and now live and breath HNS!
Basketball, snowboarding, scub diving, tai chi
Yokohama, Japan
I built the shake shoutout, shake supply, nb shoutout, shake sites and shake split Twitter bots. I also built the bot.js webpage.
I'm a computer science teacher and technology manager at a school in Yokohama. I'm doing something I love in one of the best cities on the planet; I'm very happy. I've lived in Japan for almost half of my life and moving here was the best decision I've ever made. If you're in your twenties I encourage you to move overseas for a couple of years. Get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and become independent. It's the best thing you'll ever do.
Eric ( was tweeting a lot about Handshake and Sia back in February 2020. One of his tweets caught my attention.
Programming, web technology, reading, DIY and raising my two daughters!
Running Handshake Development Fund and porting HNS domains to Ethereum
cryptoanarchist & lazy boi. I like to have fun and change the world
Got paid in HNS for a random freelance job
Degen trading, traveling, techno clubbing, trolling
Cedar Rapids, USA
Email via HNS domains.
Student; economics undergrad. Crypto artist. Existential nihilist.
Social media.
Ask the 2019 version of me.
MalmΓΆ, Sweden
Maintaining I also sometimes think about how it'd be possible to do HNS on ETH.
I'm working full-time on a crypto project - I was previously a math student and a software developer at an agency in Sweden.
From Eric Meltzer tweeting it.
In my free time I enjoy fashion, progress studies, anime, homotopy type theory, reading non-fiction, design and sometimes video games.
Atlanta, USA
Created so people can easily access a list of Handshake resources. Also gifting names
Currently a college student full time. My hobbies include gaming and going for long walks to the fridge. I'm a chill frog.
I kept seeing Steven McKie tweet about it on Twitter. I decided to look into it and have been loving the community and project ever since.
On my free time I enjoy playing online poker and shitposting+browsing forums, Twitter, and discord.
Building software that supports and encourages the use of Handshake domains
Developer (Dart, Flutter), working on multiple open-source web3 projects
On Hacker News
Building software :)
Bangalore, India
Made hs-airdrop-gui (GUI for claiming airdrops), http://dnssec.rithvik/ for debugging DNSSEC for handshake names, spreading awareness and gifting names
Student, CS undergrad.
Explore tech, create random stuff, gaming
Stillwater, USA
I wrote a start-to-finish tutorial on how to host a secure Handshake website, available at and https://sebastian.rasor/handshake-tutorial.html. I also made it easy to verify your website's DANE setup, with https://sebastian.rasor/dane-verify/sebastian.rasor. Simply replace the sebastian.rasor at the end with your own Handshake website.
I'm a computer science student at Oklahoma State University.
I wanted to own rasor/, or ras.or/. I looked at OpenNIC and wasn't satisfied, so I checked out the Wikipedia page on Alternative DNS roots, from there I checked out Handshake, and now here I am!
I'm an huge sports fan: soccer, basketball, and football are my favorites.
Stockholm, Sweden
I'm here to help anyone with design or UX-related issues β€” want to build something but not sure how it should look? I can help! Check out one of my Handshake designs at review.handshake/.
Freelance Product & UX Designer. Blockchain nerd since end of 2017. Love this space and all cool projects. Love hiking, working out, doing Yin Yoga for stress relief. Hanging at the country side. Grilling
Jumped straight into HNS sometime March 2020 just because the idea is so awesome. Learnt how to bid, won some auctions and then made it my daily routine to check upcoming names
Shenyang, China
creating youtube videos and blogs on integrating it into the cross border community we maintain, encouraging others to build, not squat.
SkyInclude is a service to help post legacy websites to handshake. Michael is an American social media, e-commerce, and SEO Specialist that has lived in China since late 2007. He is a passionate business connector that helps companies do business in China as well as Chinese companies to work in overseas markets. He built the cross border e-commerce community GFA is a platform to help cross border business owners learn, network, make business partnerships, and grow global businesses.
Domain investing friend, Chris Moore, told me about it in Late Oct 2020, gifted me skyinclude, haven't been the same since (or looked back)
long walks on the beach (no, seriously!) - well besides that, reading, creating content, making connections
NB Staff
San Francisco, USA
CEO at Namebase, discussing Handshake on podcasts, building tools to make Handshake more powerful
Tieshun is a Thiel Fellow who studied Math and Computer Science at MIT before starting Namebase. Previously at the age of 16 he became a fullstack engineer at Teespring, and at the age of 17 he founded StrongIntro which was funded by Y Combinator and Greg Brockman (founder of OpenAI). Tieshun's mission is help transition the world to the decentralized internet.
Eric Meltzer shared the Handshake whitepaper with Anthony and me
Read, listen to podcasts, help startup founders, explore new technologies.
Melbourne, Australia
With passion I hope! Basically every tenet of the Handshake ecosystem is so vital to myself that I find it integral to try and learn the ins and outs of it all so I'm ready to pitch it at a moments notice. Right now I'm trying to get businesses that survive on free solar energy to divert their extra energy towards mining/strengthening the network!
Avid technology enthusiast and jack of all trades, master of none!
Through Kieran Nolan and his interview with Tieshun on !
VR and Video Gaming Horticulture
New York City, US
Contribute to The Shake (news.theshake/) Building Stagger (StumbleUpon for Handshake sites) Wrote guides for buying names and setting up Handshake names for GitHub Pages
I work in digital and content marketing for data and blockchain companies. First tried to buy bitcoin in 2012 to get gear for Diablo II.
Someone I've known in the crypto space for a long time told me to check it out. His advice has always been on point. Read the whitepaper and didn't need further convincing.
Read, code, make hot sauce.
Washington, D.C., USA
I'm experimenting with building a bridge between web2 and web3 via "Handshake on Ethereum", with the goal of minting Handshake names as NFTs and adding features such as "passwordless auth via dns", domain marketplaces, and domain management for all of Ethereum. I've also onboarded many of my friends into Handshake by notifying them of the airdrop for prominent GitHub users.. I work in tech and know quite a few open source contributors.
I'm a community game designer for Hack Club (, a non-profit that Hack Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is building an "operating system for teenage tech enthusiasts". We handle finances for student-run hacker clubs around the world, help organize community events, and many other things that help young hackers learn tech skills with each other. I can hold my breath for over two minutes. I'm endorsed on LinkedIn for having "Really Cool Pants" a lot.
A long time ago, I met Tieshun (Namebase CEO) at one of my DJ sets. One day I was trying to navigate to Namecheap and my browser accidentally went to Namebase instead, where I discovered the HNS airdrop on my dashboard. I looked into who was building Namebase and saw that it was Tieshun and connected with him and his co-founder, Anthony. I ended up building the auction status timeline graphic for Namebase's website, as well as some of the domain search functionality.
I play guitar and DJ (@zfogg on SoundCloud and Audius), make generative art with code and LEDs and lasers, and try to stay up-to-date with decentralized tech.
Shanghai, China
Created hnsfans Chinese community, created the WeChat communication groups
work full time on a chip company
My friends told me
watch dramas tv shows hangout with my friends