Name gifting

Our community has lots of names to gift! Anyone can help grow Handshake by encouraging giftees to share their emails so our Namers can gift their names. If you have names you'd like to list for gifting, please ping johnnywu/ in the Namer Community Discord for edit access to the spreadsheet below.

Spreadsheet etiquette

As a name gifter, you're allocated 2 columns:

  • List names for gifting in your left column
  • Your right column should link to the giftee's social media profile or home page so others know exactly who the intended recipient is

Please indicate names that are claimed by:

  • Filling the cell in light green
  • If the giftee publicizes their Handshake name (Tweeting out their dLink), replace their contact link with the URL to their shoutout, and also fill that cell light green

Spreadsheet link: gifting.namercommunity/

Namer Community name gifting efforts