Become a Director and help grow Handshake by telling others about it! The best communities to focus outreach for are typically ones interested in: - Web development: Handshake enables dotless domains and unlimited free subdomains, you own the entire domain - Decentralization, dWeb, Web 3.0: Handshake names live on a decentralized blockchain not controlled by anybody - Censorship-resistance, privacy: Handshake names are uncensorable and private - NFTs: Handshake names are NFTs with cash flows - Digital identity, DApp: Handshake names are decentralized, persistent, cryptographically verifiable, and resolvable - DNS, internet security: Handshake replaces Certificate Authorities by shifting the root of trust to its blockchain - Blockchain: Handshake is a blockchain protocol - Open source: Handshake is open source, donated $10.2M to the FOSS community, and has airdrops for ~200k individual open source contributors - Domainer: Handshake names are top-level domains that you can flip or sell subdomains off of - Crypto, DeFi: Handshake coins of winning bids are burned, which creates deflationary effects on the price of HNS - JavaScript: Handshake's source code is written in JavaScript - Communities you're already a part of: Get them their name! If you have ideas you'd like list, want to work on any of these efforts, or are already working on them, please share in the Namer Community Discord's #spread-the-word channel. If you see a Director listed on an effort you're interested in, reach out to them to see how you can collaborate! Note: Click an effort's title to expand its description.
EffortDescriptionDirector(s)Notes from Director(s)
Ad blockers and VPNs
Pushing for Ad blockers and VPNs to support resolving Handshake names
"Highlighting privacy and Internet security aspects of Handshake may be best here" - johnnywu/
Alternative browsers
Pushing for smaller alternative browsers to support Handshake. Puma Browser is a huge win
"Browsers to push for: https://thebrowser.company/" - johnnywu/
Inviting artists to join the community and create art for Handshake
Brands (Startups, Alexa 100k)
Reach out to brands to protect their names on Handshake.
"Here are well-aligned brands that could use outreach: https://polkadot.network/, https://anytype.io/, https://mirror.xyz/, https://catalog.works/, https://orbitdb.org/" - johnnywu/
Browser extensions
Push existing browser extensions (like AdBlockers) to support Handshake resolution.
"Some source code from linkframe/: https://github.com/execc/link-frame/issues" - johnnywu/
Cameo advertising
Pay to have influencers on Cameo to introduce Handshake
Example: https://twitter.com/marenaltman/status/1346113572120756225 "Perhaps we can gift the influencer a name and ask them to record themselves saying "I own my name, do you own yours? Own your name on Handshake at Namebase today." - johnnywu/
Certificate Authorities
Push certificate authorities to support Handshake domains
Joining other communities' Clubhouse calls to introduce Handshake or setting up interview speaking slots in other Clubhouse rooms where our Directors can talk about Handshake
"1. Joining rooms of juuust the right size: Rooms with around 150 people, 8-10 speakers tend to have the best balance between large reach, and likelihood of being able to get on stage to chat. 2. Joining rooms with juuust the right topic: Crypto is hot right now on Clubhouse. For most people, this means just talking about DeFi. I've found that really any crypto, dWeb, NFT, etc room works well to bring up Handshake in, outside of Bitcoin maximalist rooms. 3. Genuinely shifting the conversation to Handshake: Folks have been eager to shift the conversation away from strictly financial topics. I've been able to ask a few questions about Web 3.0 or dWeb, before pushing the topic of the whole room to Handshake relatively consistently. With the NFT push in the last couple weeks, people are also actively looking for NFT applications outside of the strictly art space. Framing NFTs as simply a vehicle for ownership (as opposed to conversations that start with, "Are NFTs art?" which is a bit of a leading question) sets up the room to understand Handshake. People are eager to learn about more ways NFTs can be useful outside of the canonical art examples. 4. DM Moderators or other attendees after: I always make it a point to hop into the Twitter DMs of anyone I engaged with on the call. I offer to buy their Handshake name as well if I think they'd be a great addition to the community, and make myself available for any follow-up questions they might have." - jakesch/
Coin exchange listings
Encouraging coin exchanges to list HNS
Current list of exchanges supporting HNS: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/handshake
Looking for and reminding about upcoming conferences our community can join to talk about Handshake
Crypto trackers
Push crypto trackers like NFT trackers and alt coin trackers to add Handshake to their lists.
Decentralized storage projects
Integrate with decentralizer storage projects like Skynet and Filecoin
Developers (Web, DNS, DApp)
Encourage developers to build on Handshake.
DNS hosts
Push DNS hosting providers to support Handshake
"cloudflare, opendns, google dns, quad9, etc. would all be able to create turnkey access to hns for substantial amounts of users" - dees/
Push firmware in Wi-Fi/network space to support Handshake as a feature
"Push a firmware to enable Handshake resolution at hardware level so devices resolve Handshake by default. Sell it as an extra feature for access to the decentralized web. China is a prime market. This is similar to how Tik Tok blew up (it came pre-installed in phones so users had access from the get-go). Credit goes to Nikhil for this concept." - johnnywu/
Hardware wallets
Convincing hardware wallets to support Handshake
"Would be a crazy world where I can say my domain name is literally in my pocket lol" - johnnywu/
Educating ICANN members about Handshake
Encouraging journalists to write about Handshake
How to pitch to journalists: https://mikebutcher.me/2015/07/01/the-press-release-is-dead/ "Ideally you pitch Handshake as a follow-up to a relevant topic they had recently written about before (if they've written about NFTs, then introduce Handshake as NFTs with cash flows, if they've written about censorship, then introduce Handshake as uncensorable domains)." - johnnywu/
Name gifting
Gifting names to influencers
Find names to gift in: https://community.namebase.io/gifting Tieshun/ has offered a 2 BTC bounty to anyone who can gift trump/ to Donald Trump
Platform integration
Pushing other platforms (especially dWeb, decentralization ones) to integrate Handshake names
Invite Tieshun and our Directors onto podcasts to speak about Handshake
Tiktok influencers
Reaching out to Tiktok influencers and encouraging them to look into Handshake
Twitter watch
Staying tuned to conversations on Twitter and introducing Handshake when appropriate. Good to include "$HNS" in your tweets
Web hosting services
Encourage web hosting services to support Handshake names
Website builder
Pushing for website builders like Squarespace to support Handshake. This usually just means relaxing their custom domain requirements (this was the ask to Vercel)
Reaching out to Youtubers (you can often find their email and other platforms on their channel's "ABOUT" page) and encouraging them to look into Handshake