Joining other communities' Clubhouse calls to introduce Handshake or setting up interview speaking slots in other Clubhouse rooms where our Directors can talk about Handshake
Notes from Director(s)
"1. Joining rooms of juuust the right size: Rooms with around 150 people, 8-10 speakers tend to have the best balance between large reach, and likelihood of being able to get on stage to chat. 2. Joining rooms with juuust the right topic: Crypto is hot right now on Clubhouse. For most people, this means just talking about DeFi. I've found that really any crypto, dWeb, NFT, etc room works well to bring up Handshake in, outside of Bitcoin maximalist rooms. 3. Genuinely shifting the conversation to Handshake: Folks have been eager to shift the conversation away from strictly financial topics. I've been able to ask a few questions about Web 3.0 or dWeb, before pushing the topic of the whole room to Handshake relatively consistently. With the NFT push in the last couple weeks, people are also actively looking for NFT applications outside of the strictly art space. Framing NFTs as simply a vehicle for ownership (as opposed to conversations that start with, "Are NFTs art?" which is a bit of a leading question) sets up the room to understand Handshake. People are eager to learn about more ways NFTs can be useful outside of the canonical art examples. 4. DM Moderators or other attendees after: I always make it a point to hop into the Twitter DMs of anyone I engaged with on the call. I offer to buy their Handshake name as well if I think they'd be a great addition to the community, and make myself available for any follow-up questions they might have." - jakesch/