Join the effort

Taking your first steps

  1. Get a Handshake name you can use as your online identity.
  2. Become a Namer by setting up a dLink or personal website on your name.
  3. Show support by updating your social media display names to YourName/ and calling yourself a Director of $HNS.

Become a Director in the Namer Community


While anyone can be a "Director of Handshake", we ask Namers in the Namer Community to reserve calling themselves Directors until they're ready to actively engage with growing Handshake.

Here are a few ways you can get involved as a Director conducting Outreach, creating Content, or doing Development.


Become a Director by telling others about Handshake!


Become a Director by creating content for Handshake!


Become a Creator by building on Handshake! Creators are also Directors.

Want to consult someone before jumping into contributing? Or are you still unsure how to exactly get started? See how our community's Directors are already growing Handshake, create a new post on Namer News asking how you can help, or hop on a 1-on-1 chat with our community manager at calendar.johnnywu/ to brainstorm ways to contribute!

Director resources


Earn HNS by connecting Namebase to other projects!

Name gifting

Our community has many names to gift, help giftees claim them!


Join the discussion on Namer News

Use your Handshake name to log into the Namer News forum!