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See how our Directors of Handshake are already growing Handshake.

Name gifting

Our community has many names to gift β€”Β help giftees claim them!


Potentially earn HNS by completing 1-off activities.

Taking your first steps

  1. Get a Handshake name you can use as your online identity.
  2. Set up a dLink or a personal website on your name.
  3. Show support by updating your social media display names to yourname/.

More ways you can contribute to Handshake

This page is still under construction


Perhaps the single best way to grow Handshake is by simply educating other communities about it! The highest-leverage communities for Handshake are typically:

  • Decentralization, dWeb, Web 3.0
  • Censorship-resistance, privacy
  • NFT
  • Digital identity
  • DNS
  • Web development
  • Blockchain
  • Open source
  • Domainer
  • Crypto, DeFi
  • Communities you're already a part of

Some specific ways you can help educate communities about Handshake include:

  • Sharing opportunities for Tieshun and our Directors to speak on Podcasts about Handshake
    • E.g. The Pomp Podcast
  • Reminding us about upcoming Conferences where Handshake should be represented
    • E.g. Namescon
  • Setting up speaking slots in Clubhouse rooms to talk about Handshake
  • Commenting on videos or emailing Youtubers about Handshake
  • image
  • Gifting names
  • image

You can also help grow Handshake by pushing web services to adopt Handshake

  • Website builders
  • Alternative browsers
  • VPNs
  • Nameservers
  • Hosting
  • Coin exchanges
  • Hardware wallets


Handshake needs more Creators! If you're a developer, here are some ways you can massively impact Handshake's ecosystem:

  • helping maintain and evolve the core software (hsd, hnsd, hs-airdrop)
  • helping the core devs (PR reviews, testing, descriptive github issues)
  • cliient side access (letsdane, browser plugins, browser integrations, dns resolver apps like nextdns)
  • resolvers (dealing with hsd, hnsd, unbound, and all the others) -- there's still stuff to sort out with dnssec interoperability and performance and spec compliance and stuff
  • servers and web hosting
  • decentralizing other layers of the stack outside of HNS
  • domain administration tools (make setting up dnssec easy and automatic for example)
  • domainer tools (name portfolio management, marketplace utilities, name valuation, bidding bots, whatever else)


Translate Handshake content into other languages

  • Learning Center videos
  • Learning Center content
  • Articles on Handshake

Collect all instances where Handshake is mentioned in the media

Create 0-knowledge tutorials on Handshake, from getting a name to setting up a website

Cross-post Handshake news onto other platforms

  • We're currently mostly present on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram

Write a blog about how you got started on Handshake and your thoughts and feelings about it

Create and maintain a Wikipedia page for Handshake


Set up Q&As to answer questions about Handshake

  • Create a Quora Space for Handshake

Create dank Handshake memes

Want to consult someone before jumping into contributing? Or are you still unsure how to exactly get started? Ask in the Namer Community Discord's #general channel or hop on a 1-on-1 chat with our community manager at calendar.johnnywu/ to brainstorm how you can help!

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